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Grow Sensation

Grow Sensation gives a sensational growth boost

This growth booster ensures an explosive growth in crops during the vegetative period.The composition is sophisticated to the provision of all the elements so that the plant can grow uninhibited from the moment that so many leaf has arisen that a positive photosynthesis occurs. This gives your crop such a good start, it will develop an excellent base that can lead to a very good harvest.

Grow sensation is very suitable for use in culture methods in which the vegetative period is kept short.
For crops with a longer vegetative period, grow sensation will also provide surprising results.

Use Grow Sensation in a 1:2000 ratio, 50ml to 100 liters. After adding the Grow Sensation, adjust the EC to the desired level with the base fertilizer. After that adjust the pH to the optimum value for the crop. When the flowering and fruiting begins, stop using Grow Sensation. When using a system which reuse drain water, the content of the system needs to be refreshed.

Use of Grow sensation during flowering and fruit formation, will result in continued stretching of the nodes, which is not desirable.
It is recommended after using Grow Sensation, to use our Bloom Sensation. So the conditions for the plant will be optimal, to achieve the most extreme result.

Grow Sensation is available in 300ml and 1000ml. Also available here