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Bloom Sensation

For a sensational flowering and fruit development

This flowering booster provides an extra exuberant flowering and fruit development in flowers and fruit crops. The composition provides a directly absorbable form to the plant of the elements phosphorus and potassium, wherein a number of trace elements have been added in the proper ratio in order to facilitate the extra exuberant development.

Use bloom sensation in the ratio 1:1000 in the gift water. First add the bloom sensation, then adjust the EC level with the basic fertilizer used. After that, adjust the pH to the optimum value for the crop.
The use of the Bloom Sensation can start from the first phase of flowering / fruit development. Bloom Sensation has a positive effect on the dry matter content and thereby also the taste of the final product. So more flowers and fruits, more weight and a refined taste.
For every grower a win/win situation!

Bloom Sensation is available in 600 and 1000 ml. Also available here