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High Quality Potting Soil

Ideal soil for your plants!

Our High Quality Potting Soil is of very high quality, with humic acids and fulvic acids, composed of white and black peat with a very fine texture, clay and 10% worm manure. This composition provides a soil with a very good structure and a good CEC, (Cation-exchange capacity) through which nutrients may be bound to the soil and released when needed in the appropriate form to the crops.

The soil has a low EC, and therefore can be directly sown in and be fertilized during cultivation to the needs of the crop. To ensure optimal soil structure throughout the cultivation, we added enough lime to the soil, so that at higher potassium levels no compaction occurs and acidification is counteracted. The pH of the weakly acidic soil is around 6.0 – 6.2, which is slightly adjustable by means of the PH of the water.

This soil is suitable for very many flowers and plants. When the cultivation is terminated correctly, the soil will be reusable for several cycles.